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GnB Accelerator Announces The 6 Chosen Startups For Its Third Batch

GnB Accelerator Announces The 6 Chosen Startups For Its Third Batch – This is the second batch that Indonesia-based GnB Accelerator has accepted into its programme this year

GnB Accelerator programme announced the six startups that have been chosen as participants of its third batch, and that are set to take part in a three-month programme from September to November 2017. The six startups are Sticar, SimpliDots, Sistem Akademik (SIKAD), MedikaApp, PanenID, and Plomo.

Throughout the programme, each startup will receive an IDR666 million (US$50,000) investment, coworking space facility, and guidance from experienced mentors.

“We are proud and eager to start the GnB Accelerator programme for the third time … With the support of the global corporation ecosystem that we provide, [the startups] will have the opportunity to meet a network of investors and multinational corporations in various countries,” GnB Accelerator programme manager Kentaro Hashimoto said on Tuesday.

SimpliDOTS Bkin Bisnis Distributor Moncer

At the end of the programme, participants will take part in a demo day to present their products to potential investors. They will have the opportunity to raise funding. Once they have finished the programme, participants would still be allowed to ask for advice from GnB Accelerator, as the programme aims to continue on monitoring their progress.

To get a deeper understanding of the six startups, check out the following list:

1. Sticar: An app that connects drivers with companies that are willing to put up advertisements in their cars. Drivers’ location are able to be tracked through thier system, so that the success of an ad can be measured, and it will also be able to reach areas that are not yet reached by billboards. Drivers can also earn extra income for every kilometer they have gone through.

2. SimpliDots: A startup that aims to ease sophisticated distribution management. With the system, distributor companies can manage their core activities starting from transaction process, supply management, to data mining and data visualisation.

3. Sistem Akademik (SIKAD): A cloud-based aministration system that serves as a base for school’s digital data. Some of the core functions of the include archiving and report book printing, teaching and learning system record that are accessible for parents, business administration archiving, and many more. SIKAD is already integrated to Education Agency, which makes the connection easier between educational institutions and the government agencies that are managing it.

4. PanenID: A platform that sells agricultural products directly to customers that consist of hotel chain, restaurants, and catering services. Implementing the concept of fair trade, PanenID disrupts supply chain by cutting through the distribution chain. As a result, agricultural products can be purchased in a stable price, with the best quality. Farmers can use the PanenID platform to plan for harvest, determining the commodity that the market needs, and the best time for harvest.

5. MedikaApp: An app that facilitates online booking of hospital or doctor appointments. They present features such as doctor search based on specialisation, the closest names and locations from users, to the latest information on health and beauty. MedikaApp already partnered with 70 hospitals across Greater Jakarta Area.

6. Plomo: An app that offers bar/restaurant deals and promotions to users. Plomo expects its presence to help businesses make more strategic and directed promotions. Plomo already partnered with six bars and restaurants in Senopati, Jakarta. What sets them apart from similar platform, the startup focusses on promotions that offer free drinks or food to users.

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